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Welcome to the home of Bass Boys Baits. We make soft plastic fishing baits and can do full custom colors, bulk pricing, wholesale and retail sales. Feel free to look through our website to see what we make, place an order or contact us for full custom baits.

Bass boys baits was started in our garage in 2005 as a family hobby. Since then we have learned a lot about hand pouring and hand injecting soft plastic fishing baits. We have Guys & Gals winning tournaments & catching very nice fish on our baits all over the USA & Canada! Our baits are hand made from only top quality products that we proudly buy from assorted suppliers around the USA. 

We promise that you will be very satisfied with any of our products or your money will be refunded in full!

 Most of our  Baits  are only   $3.99 a bag

 TUBES  3.5"
                                      Salty Dipped 
                                 Buy in bulk and save !!!
                                  40 Tubes for $20.00
                           Mix and Match any way you want !
                              $3.99  a pkg of 8 same color.
                            choose from 17 different colors

 Blue Gill,,,Watermelon Red,,,,Green Pumpkin Purple ( pic does not show  true purple look it has )  ,,,Watermelon Candy,,,,Green Pumpkin Orange            
Black  w/ Blue Flake ,,,Road Kill,,,,,Green Pumpkin w/ Chartreuse Tails,,,

  Craw,,,,Black Neon w/ Red Tails,,,   Pumpkin Pepper Green,,,,Black Neon

    Smoke Pepper Purple,,,,Green Pumpkin w/ Blue Tails,,,,Green Pumpkin,,,Pearl White/Blue pepper


                                            3.5"  Swim Baits  
                                       4 colors 
                           Buy these in bulk and save !!!
                   Sexy Shad,, Disco Violet,, Ale Wife and
                        Watermelon Red w/ Pearl Belly
           $20.00   for 4 dozen swims -  mix and match !!!
                    $3.99 a package for an 8 pk of same color



              New Bait !!! 3" Solid Body Tube $4.99 pkg



                        4" Fat Boy w/ 3-D eyes ( eyes are extra )
                     Silver shadd,, Watermelon                                                                    w/ Chartreuse Skirt, June Bug
                     & Watermelon Seed Red


 3.5" Reaper in 2 Color Bait                3" Craw Chunk in Road Kill
Bass Boys Baits
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